About us

Our History

Ever since the 70s Amedeo Bortolotto, founder of SINTAL S.r.l., has gained much experience in the production of well balanced and medicated animal feed. Having developed vast experience with feed supplements and testing their efficiency of weight gain on the birds they were breeding, in1993, Amadeo and his son Luigno decided to differentiate and dedicate more attention to their surrounding environment in order to develop modern systems of protection. They are passionate zootechnics with the technological and economical breeding system at heart.

Our Mission

Banning all types of pharmacological ingredients, we have always taken the active food ingredients into consideration, one at a time, trying to find the best solution to enhance the natural nutritional values based on their chemical nature and on the needs of the animal for which it is being created. Food efficiency and livestock yield are the fundamental criteria for optimizing the performance of each livestock yield. With this objective in mind we aim to help farmers achieve technical and economic development. We are set on transferring technology and knowledge about animal nutrition to the industry and to constantly improve the aspects of protection of the active ingredients in order to keep their functionality unaltered. We intend to increase the added value of the more delicate active ingredients and guarantee the development of modern and economically sustainable animal zootechnics.

Spray cooling or Spray freezing are the most important processes put into action to obtain most of the nutritional characteristics of the additives. The production of new and increasingly technological plants that keep up with the time permit the creation of high-quality products. Last, but not least the recent commissioning of an original plant to produce a SINTAL patented “double film coating” protection.